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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Albarnia Partners Program and how does it work?

The Albarnia Partners Program, powered by Impact, empowers websites to earn commissions on sales through tracked links. Once accepted, place our product links on your site. Visitors clicking through these links within a 7-day window earn you commissions on all resulting orders. Unlike others, you earn on every purchase within 7 days, not just the first. Join us now and turn referrals into earnings seamlessly!

How do I become a partner with Albarnia?

Joining the Albarnia Partners Program is a breeze! To become a partner, simply follow our straightforward application process. We’ve made it easy to get started on your journey with Albarnia. Join us now and unlock the possibilities of a rewarding partnership!

Who can become an Albarnia Partner?

Anyone can become an Albarnia Partner! Whether you’re a website owner, blogger, or social media creator. The program is open to all. We welcome influencers sharing family-friendly content with a predominantly US-based audience. We embrace not just bloggers but also social media creators. You can use our links in various formats, including TikToks, Instagram Reels, Posts, YouTube Shorts, Twitter posts, and, most importantly, Pinterest posts. Moreover, Albarnia Partners welcomes individuals from around the world, as long as is available in their country. Join us and explore the diverse ways you can collaborate with Albarnia on a global scale!

Can websites/ Influencers outside of the US become part of the Albarnia Partners program?

Websites and influencers from any part of the world are more than welcome. As long as Impact Radius supports your country of residence, you can join our program, even if you’re outside the U.S. We value the global reach and diversity that our partners bring to Albarnia, making it a truly inclusive and international affiliate community. Join us and become a part of our global network of affiliates!

How do I apply for the program if I have multiple websites?

Applying with multiple websites or social media accounts is simple. Submit your application under your primary company profile. Within your account, list all additional websites and social media accounts where you plan to promote Albarnia. This streamlined process ensures easy management of all your affiliate activities under one umbrella. Join us and effortlessly expand your affiliate presence!

Are there any fees associated with joining the Albarnia Partners program?

Joining the Albarnia Partners Program is completely free of charge. No fees are associated with signing up. Once you’re a part of the program, you can freely add banners, widgets, and links to your site without incurring any costs. Our commitment is to provide a hassle-free and accessible platform for our partners. Join us today and start your journey with Albarnia without any financial barriers!

Does Albarnia have a dedicated account manager to ask for any questions?

At Albarnia, we are dedicated to ensuring the success of our partners. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated program manager at We are here to support you and enhance your experience as a valued member of the Albarnia Partners Program.

A cookie is a small piece of data transferred to a computer to mark it for a later transaction. Partners Programs use cookies to track customers who have clicked on links from your site and made purchases so you can get your commission.

The cookie length is 7 days. You get credit for any order within 7 days of the original click placed by the customer.

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